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In January 2022 few of my paintings were showcased in Krakow's museum Mauzeum Krakowa/Muzeum Podgórze during The Co-Existence exhibition. More information about the exhibition itself you can find here.

How this all started?

I have been always flirting with art, through photography only, but I have never dared to do something else. Through all those years I believed that I take pictures just because it's the only way I can capture my concepts, ideas, visualize my feelings. When someone has been asking me - Ewa, why photography? My answer was - Well, I do not have enough of talent to paint.

So how come that I started painting? They are saying that need is the mother of invention. In my case it was exactly like that. Very close friend of mine, Lola, asked me for an opinion about one painting she was planning to buy online to decorate her newly renovated apartment. It was an early stage of Covid, spring 2020. Few months earlier I have decided to quit my regular job and follow dreams about independent entrepreneurship, running online business, travel and live my best life. I failed painfully (first lockdown wasn't the best period for beginners). I felt like I was losing everything, all my savings, apartment, independence and then... came up Lola with her plan to buy an expensive painting that we were not even sure if it's original or just digitally printed on canvas. I looked at it closely, it was a total abstract, with lots of gold and green and I offered Lola to make the same, just half price. And I made it!

I ordered set of paints, canvas and started my creative journey, testing colors, finding my style and enjoying each singe moment when I was hanging another finished painting on the wall. I was thinking of turning it all into business but I got too attached to each painting. My apartment became a small gallery.